A trend towards implementing institutional reviews can be clearly discerned across Europe. However, the quality of education rests in the first place with the teachers and students in the programmes of study. This ECA seminar focuses on experiences of institutions and QA agencies in dealing with programme quality within institutional reviews. Topics covered during the seminar include: external involvement in internal QA; audit trails and risk-based analysis; challenges in the transition from programme to institutional accreditation; how to stimulate a quality culture, both institution-wide and programme-specific. The presented practices, reflections and insights gained may shed new lights on the assurance of programme quality in institutional reviews. The Seminar is organized by ECA in cooperation with NVAO.

Representatives of higher education institutions, QA agencies, students and policy makers interested in institutional reviews are cordially invited to register.

Further information and registration is available at this link.

Questions can be directed to secretariat[at]ecaconsortium.net