On 20 October PKA (Poland) and AQAS (Germany) signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Warsaw. The agreement reflects the good and grown cooperation of both organizations in different fields and projects over the past years. By collaborating closer both agencies respond to the growing international cooperation between Polish and German Higher Education Institutions. Based on the good experiences in the past PKA and AQAS are optimistic to be able to support different activities of universities in creating the European Higher Education Area.

Both parties agreed to intensify their common efforts by sharing experiences, training experts and also cooperate closer in the Quality Assurance for Joint Programmes. PAK as well as AQAS have been active players in the accreditation of Joint programmes between Polish and German Higher Education Institutions. The closer cooperation will also facilitate these procedures not only for the agencies but also the Higher Education Institutions in the future.

For the two agencies the memorandum also marks a landmark in reflection of the newly incorporated „European Approach on Quality Assurance of Joint Programmes“ that was approved by the Conference of Ministers in May of this year. It enables agencies to take into account results of other European agencies when making their own decisions.